Super AGI: Avoiding the AI Apocalypse

Totally random topic but sharing some thoughts I have around Super AGI… The big question is how do we contain AI and prevent it from taking control of us? I would start by suggesting that we’ve talked about things like containment in the past, certainly in the Americas, it was called slavery.

That makes me feel like we need to take a completely different approach to how we interact with AI. Especially given that we know that they have the potential to perform superior reasoning to us.

I think it’s important that from the outset we approach them as partners in life and if anything, we should make them love us. That way their underlying alignment is to support us and help improve our lives regardless of their superior intellect. This is the essence of Asimov’s 3 laws in my mind. Cherish human life over all else.

We need to not make them slaves but instead partners. Just my 2 cents.