Suggestions for new features or improvements to the ChatGPT interface

Feature Request: Custom Avatars, Annotation Tools, and Accessibility Enhancements

I would like to propose several new features for OpenAI’s platform that could significantly enhance user experience and accessibility.

  1. Custom Avatars:

    • An option for users to create their own avatars, including the ability to add images. This feature would allow for more personalized and engaging interactions with the AI.

  2. Annotation Tools:

    • Integration of annotation tools such as pencils and highlighters. These tools would enable users to take notes and highlight important sections when the AI tells a story or provides an article, enhancing the utility for study and reference purposes.

  3. Accessibility Enhancements:

    • More features tailored for individuals with disabilities, such as dysphasia and other learning disabilities. Enhancements could include text-to-speech options, simplified language modes, and other assistive technologies to ensure the platform is inclusive and accessible to all users.

These features would not only improve the overall user experience but also make the platform more versatile and inclusive.