Suggestions for improvement - UI/UX

I am a plus subscriber and I love your product!!

Problem 1: fails to load is forcing me to retry when I want to accept the answer.

Me: type very long question.
ChatGPT (any version): type a very long and correct answer, when it reaches (“99%” of the answer, it “fails to load”)
I should have the possibility to “accept the answer as correct” and proceed to the next question instead of being “forced” to retry.

Problem 2 Slight improvements to UI would help a lot, suggestions below.

I am using chatgpt 24/7 while developing my application. ChatGPT 4 is a beast. Some simple improvements to general UI would go a very long way. I will “list” improvements in a very straightforward way, but I would love to hear feedback from feedback.

Problem 2.1: I have one billion chats on the left side of the screen << getting

completely lost/overwhelmed.


  1. Enable user to group them somehow, create folders maybe, have a limit of chats (not a small limit, not infinite either, it will greatly improve my UX).
  2. Sometimes I ask stupid things, like create a code that iterates on a list, sometimes I ask hard things in another chat, having some color scheme like ‘hard’ red, ‘easy’ would be nice.
  3. Group by date, month, hability to search for a specific word?

Problem 2.2: The chatgpt “middle”/“response” section is too narrow. I am using a somewhat large monitor and most of the times i cant see the code output, while 2/3 of the screen is blank.

Thanks guys and gals, hope this helps! I follow you since dota2 days, what an incredible journey!!

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I can’t find a suggestions/improvements thread, and the post is the closest thing I’ve found so far, so I’ll add some of my suggestions:

  1. Add a unique ID for each reply: I have some very long threads, and I sometimes want to specifically refer to a particular reply. At the moment, I have to copy the first lines of text, although I could probably tell ChatGPT to self-lable its replies as a work-around. However, a unique ID for each reply would be very helpful!
  2. Make those unique ID’s searchable by ChatGPT across threads: I hate having to restart part of a thread elsewhere, because an interesting answer is in the “wrong” thread.
  3. Have ChatGPT maintain a short summary of the thread at the top: as I said, I have very long threads, and they drift off course. It would be very helpful to have an up to date summary at the top of a thread, so I can find my conversations that drifted away from the initial thread topic.

Also, please make a suggestions/improvements thread, or if it already exists, pin it at the start (or maybe I’m just to stupid to find it)!


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