Suggestion: Option to Toggle Answer Detail Level

As a frequent user of GPT3 for programming, I’ve found that the detailed explanations provided for code can sometimes be a distraction. While these explanations can be helpful in some cases, there are times when I just need to quickly scan the code for a specific piece of information.

To help me save time and avoid distractions, I’ve been using prompts through the TextExpander app. These prompts are shortcuts that I’ve created to quickly add little instructions I feel I have to repeat often. For example, I’ve created a prompt to “stamp all code snippets you produce with a unique identifier,” which has made it much easier to ask GPT3 to go back and retrieve the code I’m referencing.

I believe that adding an option to toggle the level of detail in GPT3’s responses would be a helpful addition. This would give users more control over the level of detail they receive and make it easier to quickly find the information they need. Overall, I believe that this would improve the user experience and make GPT3 an even more powerful tool for programmers.

This response was crafted from my original by GPT3.