Suggestion for improving the voice chat mode UI in the ChatGPT Android app

In the ChatGPT Android app, the current UI for voice chat mode is overly sensitive to screen taps, causing interruptions in input and output. Since many modern devices have displays that extend to the edges of the screen, simply holding the device can trigger these interruptions when the edges are touched.

This sensitivity is often disruptive to the user experience. As a potential improvement, it would be beneficial if interruptions were only triggered by tapping a specific area, such as the white circle in the center of the screen or the equalizer during output. Alternatively, limiting interruptions to the existing stop buttons would also be a significant improvement.

In addition, it is crucial to ensure that accessibility for users with disabilities, such as the blind who rely on voice chat, is fully maintained.

While this may seem like a minor UI complaint, it likely affects many users who face similar inconveniences. What are your thoughts on this?