Suggestion for API changes

Please leverage your superpower in communicating API changes. There was a change to a the API used to use the Ada embedding model, which caused the code example in the tutorial docs to break. Perhaps have a GPT available in the Help docs which can field questions that are not yet addressed by tutorials and/or other docs that are slow to adapt to breaking changes?

Here’s your primary source of documentation:

Yes, it can be hard to keep up with “news”, and AI models trained with “knowledge cutoff 2021-09” can’t know what was introduced November 6 2023…

The AI’s lack of knowledge likely didn’t slow you down, but rather its skill. You can put a bunch of new API knowledge and python library knowledge into the AI context and it still makes coding mistakes.

Here’s some recent embeddings code for a bit of roll-your-own semantic comparisons

(Shutting off completions Jan 4 will have a new round of AI written code that cannot work, novices getting very obsolete /engine/davinci URLs and such.)