Subscribe the Open AI's ChatGPT by paying Indian rupee INR

I am currently using the free Chat GPT-3.5 online version, and run prompts which look great. However, I am also interested in the GPT-4 online version to run prompts and got access for upgrading to Plus.
Please suggest the method of how would I pay in the Indian rupee INR and obtain access to it.
Thank you,
Manohar K

I don’t live in India, so I can’t directly relate to the issue. However, most people use MasterCard or Visa credit cards for payments.

Have you checked this forum for potential solutions?

What steps have you already taken to address the problem?

If you are successful, please report back for others.

When paying via credit card the billed amount is already converted into the local currency that you use.
For example of you have a card denominated in EURO then the bill will still be in EUR but taking the exchange rate and the local taxes info account.
Thus, there should be no problem if you just go ahead.