Stupid Feature: Which response do you prefer? Your choice will help make ChatGPT better

for some time this option has appeared from which I must choose one: “Which response do you prefer? Your choice will help make ChatGPT better.”

First of all, as you can see in the image link ChatGPT provided practically the same answer in both options, only that the first word is capitalized in the first option. So, as they say, whatever option I choose, it’s the same thing.

The second problem.

Then, I noticed another important thing with these options. Many times it happened that ChatGPT provided me totally wrong answers in both options, or answers that I didn’t like. In this case, ChatGPT forces me to choose from two bad choices, one better. How does this come?

I think the simple options used by BARD were enough:

  • Like (Good Response)
  • Unlike (Bad Response)
  • Contribute (Modify response)
  • Share

So, in conclusion, this stupid feature: “Which response do you prefer?” it simply confuses the user more. And it puts me in the situation of choosing an option that I don’t like, out of two options that I don’t like.

another example. Which response do you prefer from two identical answers?

does this question make any sense? does the answer choice make sense?


i just get annoyed when i’m asking it to choose between something and then get two different responses with two different answers so me being the undecisive prick i am have to F5 and regenerate the response, only to be greeted with the “limited messages per hour” thing. that last part only happened once, but there should be a way to disable it per response.