Struggling to show uploaded images in Custom GPT

I’ve created a cutsom GPT for training purposes. I’ve uploaded around 10 photos to the document knowledge base but the GPT says it does not have the capability to directly access or display images that have been uploaded.

If it can access the text-based information, why can it not just display an image that has already been uploaded?

Try to:

  • Enable Code Interpreter, if that doesn’t help
  • Tell it explicitely to use Code Interpreter to display the file, if that doesn’t help
  • Tell it the exact path to open with code interpreter, like
use code interpreter to display the image at /mnt/data/cat.png 

For me sometimes it works by just enabling Code Interpreter, sometimes I got to be more explicit.

However, consider uploading it somewhere else and provide a direct link to the image. In my experience this is:

  • faster (Code Interpreter does not need to spin up)
  • more reliable (Even with explicit file path, there is a chance that Code Interpreter fails)
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