Strictly hold the GPT to the XML output I define

Hello all,

So, I’m getting a bit frustrated about how I could make this work. I’m building a GPT that will output XML which later can be imported into our application. But, the problem is when I test the prompt it gets really lazy and kind on LSD :slight_smile:

So, I entered this prompt:

For the MeasurementStartAction type the XML structure is always set up like this, where MeasurementName, MeasurementDescription and the Guid is variable. If the MeasurementDescription is not provided create a general description and don’t ask for one, do the same for MeasurementName, create a friendly name. The Guid must be directly injected and must be uniquely created with each created XML schema. Make sure to post the whole :

 <BaseAction xsi:type="MeasurementStartAction">
                 <MeasurementMessage />
                 <MeasurementName>Clicking File</MeasurementName>
                 <MeasurementDescription />

I want you to always post the whole XML structure as provided above

Now the result will be:

In this schema:

  • The MeasurementStartAction and MeasurementStopAction are paired to encapsulate the performance measurement of a “Submit” button click.
  • Each action has a unique GUID which I will generate.
  • The MeasurementName and MeasurementDescription are tailored for the specific action of clicking the “Submit” button.

Let me generate the unique GUIDs for this XML.

Here are the unique GUIDs generated for the actions:

  • GUID for the MeasurementStartAction: 7a921430-a76f-43d1-a98c-0956fa68a305
  • GUID for the MeasurementStopAction: f2b86dac-22f2-4555-ba04-ca6316845879

Now, I will incorporate these GUIDs into the XML schema:

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        <BaseAction xsi:type="MeasurementStartAction">
            <MeasurementName>Start Measurement for Submit Button Click</MeasurementName>
            <MeasurementDescription>Beginning of measurement for tracking the performance of Submit button click.</MeasurementDescription>

What am I doing wrong? Thanks!


Nevermind, fixed by adding it directly to the instructions and not the Create GPT Builder.