Stop sequences — limitations and examples

I’m looking for examples of text I can usefully put into the ‘stop sequences’ field.

As an example, if I create a stop sequence ‘output must be shorter than input’

Then I input:

Do you want to go for a coffee

…gpt gives me longer phrases than my input

Gpt-3 will stop completion when it comes across one of stop sequences you gave. Then stop squence should be given as a symbol or a word, not a meaningful command. (Like dot, new line …)
You can use this command in input like this:

Rewrite the given sentence in a shorter form.

Sentence: Do you want to go for a coffee

Note: For this example you can use “Sentence” as a stop sequence. If engine attempt to generate a second sentence it will stop

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Thanks jazzcript. Going to explore this later today.

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