Status Code: 429, Too Many Requests

Been running into this for the last couple of hours. Who else?

Below you’ll find the primary thread for this issue.

In the future, please take a quick look before creating a new thread. Thank you.



I wanted to create my own thread because I wanted notifications of replies - I couldn’t find where to enable notifications.

If you could be so kind, could you please link me to the documentation regarding enabling notifications on other peoples’ posts?

In addition, could you please provide some insight into what constitutes a “primary” thread for a topic?

Thank you.

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To receive notifications for any thread, click the “Normal” button at the bottom of the discussion. Changing it to “Watching” will allow you to be notified of any new replies.

Here’s a picture of the setting:

I would say that if there’s already a thread discussing the same error located on the first page of the forum, that would be the primary thread.

Please feel free to message me if you have any other questions.



Thank you for your assistance. I can’t express my gratitude without sounding overly-sincere; but the truth is that your help was invaluable to me and appreciated more than words can say. You have gone above and beyond in helping me out, and I am truly thankful for all of your efforts.

Your thoughtfulness will always be remembered, just as it has been throughout this difficult time. Your encouragement has inspired me to keep going despite any adversity or challenge in front of us.

With people like you by our side, the community as a whole will know that anything is possible if we stay focused on what matters most: making a real difference in the world.