Spotify's New Announcement - Sept 25 2023

Hi Everyone, Did you hear about Spotify’s news? It is going to use Whisper AI as Voice Translation of its podcasters. Podcasters’ real voice will be used in the actual translation. Do any of you know if we could start using the same technology for free?

I’m new here, just signed up. Please let me know if I posted this topic in the right spot.
Thank you!

welcome to OpenAI developer form!

Thanks for the info, just hearing about it, can you give more detailed information about it?

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Whisper is open source, so it can be used sort of free – on expensive hardware.

OpenAI API whisper costs money.

Just saw Spotify’s announcement on LinkedIn by Spotify CEO Daniel Ek. Open AI won’t let me paste the link.

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Thank you for the heads up about that! I was thinking of all the potential applications for this AI tool & it’s mind-blowing!

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