Solutions ... Account creating issues, on boarding,

After some problem with creating a ChatGPT account, I may have a problem solving strategy.


I have Window 10/11 and corresponding verified accounts as well as MacOS&iOS systems with verified Apple ID. Creating a new email did not solve the problem either.

Despite these systems being/should be associated via valid phone numbers, I was unable to gain access to ChatGPT via Google mail, Microsoft outlook or native login.

Either the email addresses were not accepted by Google/Microsoft or then three (valid) phone numbers were flagged as “not valid”.


I then created a new email at a valid email proivder and!!! performed a new on boarding on a ‘clean’ Ubuntu OS installation. With this OS suddenly gigen at least also one of the “not valid” phone numbers.


PS: the account under UbuntuOS was created with a newly assigned IP.

hello, guys I can see you are having a problem with registration.
i can help you, just contact me at , I will create an account for you. <3