Simple Features to Support Student Learning and Educators


I work in the area of technology and innovation in the 3rd largest system of higher education in the U.S. I am fielding many questions from faculty and education leaders about chatGPT.

When engaging educators, I focus on the constructive and value-added propositions of generative AI because I know strategic pedagogical use of the technology is the best way for us to overcome concerns around academic integrity and dishonesty. chatGPT is the tool students are using right now, and so implementing simple features now my have an outsized design impact on future iterations of generative AI.

Here is what we need right now - a download chat option. There is a ton of utility we can glean through the socratic and conversational use of chatGPT, but if educators are to incorporate this into learning assessment, we need to know the interactions that are occurring between the student and the AI. The simplest way to accomplish this is to allow the student to download their chat session as a PDF or similar document type and submit it as academic work.

This small additional feature to chatGPT would open up an incredible amount of design space for educators. Right now the best we can ask students to do is copy/paste everything from their browser into a separate word document, but for a myriad of reasons I will not delve into here, that is a wholly imperfect and in many cases an unreasonable ask.

Please consider adding this feature as a top priority. It would make an immeidate impact across higher education and open up tremendous design potential. I am sure other professionals wouldn’t mind having it as an option as well.

If any community members have other simple feature recommendations that could support educators and student learning, I would welcome reading about those here.