Showcase: using OpenAI API with scrapping

Building an MVP for with Next.js and OpenAI

Hey everyone!

Recently put together an MVP for an AI directory type of website using Next.js, Prisma, PlanetScale and Tailwind CSS. The projects are scrapped using Puppeteer and then summarized and categorized using OpenAI.

Short write up here on a bit of the process and how I’m bulk adding project using OpenAI and Puppeteer. Added the code I’m using to summarize and categorize there as well.

Website link:

Goal in the next couple of weeks is to:

  • Add an easy way to submit projects
  • Newsletters section
  • Summarized AI news
  • Open source the code once it’s polished enough

Would love any feedback or suggestions on what additions to the site would make sense.


Here is the link with the article: Building - DEV Community