Should I Delete Or Archive Chats That I No Longer Care About?

I tend to use Chat GPT as a “Google Backup”: if searching online does not find my answer, I will plug the answer into Chat GPT to try and see if it knows anything before doing some more intensive search, or posting a question on a forum. While Chat GPT is very effective at this, the end result is I have a LOT of conversations that I only used once, and will never need again (if I do, its simply easier to ask the same question twice in a new conversation instead of searching through my conversation bar to find the conversation I needed). In these instances, I simply want my chats to be gone, so that way I can keep relevant chats within arms reach.

Does Open AI benefit more from me deleting the chats I no longer need, so that way they no longer have to store it, or archiving those chats, so that way they can reference my data when they are developing better models?