Should I add files to Threads or Assistants

Hey , I am using OpenAI Assistant API and I have the option to add my PDF files as context by storing them in Vector Store .

Should I go with this option or should I add files to thread Endpoint?

i am super confused here.

Or should I add both times. ?

What would work best ?

All files are added to the same search method the AI is presented with.

The only concern for you is management: is it part of the Assistants’ skill, or is it something particular to the user?

If you add the file by using threads it will make the file accessible only by the specific thread. If it is a file that should be use globaly than you can simply to add it in the vector store global and attach it to your assistant at the start.

Also when using the search tool and attach the file on a thread, I usually have more difficulty to search and get content. It is better to files globaly.