Short answers based on faq documents


what would be a good start for my use case?

  • A user asks a question to a chat bot.
  • Based on a set of many existing questions and answers GPT3 is answering the question in a short summary.

What is the best way to do this - or is this even possible to feed the AI with my own content that will be used for answering questions?

Welcome to the OpenAI community @filmmusic!

OpenAI offers an endpoint that actually sounds really similar to what you’re looking for. I’m talking about the Answers endpoint discussed here: OpenAI Docs - Answers Endpoint as well as here: OpenAI API.

Excerpt from the ‘Answers’ API Reference:

Given a question, a set of documents, and some examples, the API generates an answer to the question based on the information in the set of documents. This is useful for question-answering applications on sources of truth, like company documentation or a knowledge base.

Although I haven’t personally used it, I think it is exactly what you’re looking for. If you need help using it, definitely look at the examples and also reach out to us on here and we should be able to provide our help to guide you in the right direction!