How can I provide a knowledge base to OpenAI and then ask the AI some question?

I would like to give to the AI Q&A information/knowledge (already answered questions) which are around 25k tokens, but because there is a limit I can’t. I would like to do that so the AI knows around 50 questions and there answers so when someone ask a similar question the AI can easily answer with the knowledge the AI have already with those 50 QA as a initial text. So I have 2 questions.

  1. How can I “feed” the AI those questions?
  2. How do I make the bot to “remember” those questions so I don’t have to feed the questions again and again. Give 50 QA and then just ask a new question so the AI have to simple answer?


ps: I used the playground.


Try the answers endpoint

do you mean this? OpenAI API

Sorry, I meant this guide OpenAI API and here are the API specifications OpenAI API

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Hi @bulgaria_mitko I created some template code that might be helpful. Here is a link to the GitHub repo and there is a video tutorial that walks through the setup. I hope this is helpful.