Sharing - How to make a social App in GPTs

I have made a social App in GPTs, called Drifting Bottle Messenger.

What’s this?

When you input “What’s this” in the GPTs, you will get the information.

Takeaway on How to make a social App in GPTs

We need focus on three key points, auth flow, account system, and app service.

  1. Auth flow: OpenAI has provided three ways, OAuth, API key, no-auth. We’d better leverage OAuth as auth flow in Social App. Besides, we can also leverage no-auth to develop some actions that need not let user sign in, e.g. homepage API.
  2. Account system: we need manage the user account so that the user can see their history activities in the social App.
  3. App service: this is the main logic of developing a social App. Besides, we need also develop a proper OpenAPI script. We need do some prompt engineering on this script to let GPTs backend orchestrator trigger and execute the actions correctly.


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