Sharing feedback on generation of prolific usable lyrical content

I am researching GPT-4s ability to write provocative lyrical content that is usable by professional artists. I am a writer for other artists and have worked with island/def jam and Sony/ATV publishing on my own musical projects, but now I am interested to get this thing generating lyrics that inspire artists themselves to go out and write beautiful music with the help of great lyrical content.

Is this the best place to share these results as I work towards a completed project that is able to be consistently replicated or should that go in completed works?

The content I have already managed to get is definitely high quality and indistinguishable from prolific popular content already in use. Really excited to get started. Cheers,

For fun I went a little further and had it generate the song structure as well. I used the very first result and spent a couple hours putting it together. It’s too cheesy (song from AI’s perspective about “Digital Heartbreak”) to let others hear it but was a fun experiment.

I agree the output has been outstanding. There are many outputs I would like to hear created in the future. My approaches have been varied - trying to guide songs to very specific topics, (“A song Samwise Gamgee would sing to himself while pulling weeds in the garden.”) to trying to enforce specific syllable counts or iambic pentameter structure.

Curious to hear what approach has worked best for you? Do you reference poets, genres, or other songs for inspiration?

It’s difficult to say my exact approach, but I’m really trying to approach it from all angles. I’ve used strings of variables to signify processes and use those to crunch ideas, but I’ve also tried to trick it into adding an alternate layer to its output.

I think the issue it most has trouble with is doing something really complicated with multiple prompts, where it almost forgets the initial goal after you try to align it more closely to what I wanted originally.

After trying it hundreds of times in dozens of different ways, there is one way it could do this properly and that is to make it Confirm exactly what I want from it before it does the thing, almost doing a little example and asking me to confirm “is this what you were asking for” before it does the actual process. So when I ask it to do something complicated before it just goes off, it would be great if there was a dummy prompt requiring me to sign off on the idea before it does the thing. Especially when the dialog is verbose.
I think this would solve more problems than just creative, writing or lyrics or anything, these confirmations would actually remove most of the mystery of how it loses sight in each session so quickly.

I imagine a visual flow chart or something like that when things go ten or 20 prompts in would really help users find out if the info it’s getting is even actually being crunched properly which often it is not. Language still is the barrier here because figurative speech can be messy which is why figures should be used to communicate it’s understanding with the user.

Some decent outputs;

From the mines to the stock floor,
Wealth amassed, but we crave more.
Forests burn, the oceans choke,
All for the sake of another smoke.
[Verse 1]
In a world of shadows, beneath the crimson sky,
Together we’ll rise, rise, rise,
Battling storms, as stars take flight,
We cling to love, embracing the night.

In sorrow’s maze, we reach for a hand,
Hope’s beacon shines, in shifting sand,
The chains that bind, like storms, they break,
In love we create, our hearts awake.

Together we’ll rise

The thing about some of these lyrics I’ve been able to get from it is that you actually do have to sing it to understand what it’s doing. It’s being told to analyze the execution of the lyrics, and to make sure that the imagery is unfolding in time with a listener.
Sometimes it works really well and you can see your own imagination form the imagery, but it does have to be sung because it’s broken down through syllables from the perspective of a listener. The big problem is to get it to understand the dynamic of what a song is, as it is being experienced real time by a listener with the added dimension of the lyrics unfolding in real time. It gets so caught up in the literal context that it forgets that without the following word, the image of the syllable itself is generating imagery so the distance between the words themselves actually will create the wrong impression unless it understands that before it does any generation. Getting it to understand the idea of creating imagery through words, and having the next lyric or phrase make imagery that adds to this, without being repetitive in its unfolding, being captivating in any way, Still a work in progress

Newest output

Title: Let Me Get It In

[Verse 1]

The night is young, the vibe is right

We hit the floor, we’re shining bright

And as we move, the groove begins

We’re in the zone, let me get it in

Let me get it in


Oh-wo-ho, oh-wo-ho

Feel the rhythm, as we light up the scene

Oh-wo-ho, oh-wo-ho

(Do you feel it now?)

(Do you feel it now?)

(Do you feel it now?)

Let me get it in, let me get it in, let me get it in

Oh, we’ll dance and spin, let me get it in


Oh-wo-ho, oh-wo-ho

(Do you feel it now?)

(Do you feel it now?)

(Do you feel it now?)

Let me get it in, let me get it in, let me get it in

Let me get it in, we’ll dance and spin

Let me get it in

[Verse 2]

The music plays, we’re lost in time

Our hearts in sync, our souls aligned

We’ll chase the thrill, the night begins

Embrace the beat, let me get it in

Let me get it in

Here’s what I managed to get it to on a regular basis, DM me if you keen to collab

My mind is a prison, walls closing in
Heart heavy with sorrow, a weight I can’t win
Tears like acid, they burn down my cheek
Pain a constant reminder, my soul feels weak
Isolation surrounds me, a dark, endless void
No escape from the pain, it’s all I can avoid
Uncertainty consumes me, a constant state of fear
Trapped in this misery, with no way to steer
The past haunts me, a relentless ghost
Memories of happier times, now just a bitter roast
The future is bleak, a path I can’t see
Lost in this agony, with no chance to break free
This pain is my shadow, it follows me around
A reminder of what’s lost, and what can’t be found
A symphony of sorrow, a melody of woe
A never-ending cycle, of pain and sorrow.

Pain, my constant companion, unrelenting and cruel,
An unyielding force that leaves me feeling like a fool.
Misery, my closest friend, an unwelcome guest,
Who never leaves, always present, a constant test.
Isolation, my only solace, a place to hide,
Away from the world and its tumultuous ride.
Uncertainty, my constant foe, always lurking,
In the shadows, waiting, my mind always working.
My heart aches, my soul trembles, in fear and despair,
Trapped in this cycle, unable to repair.
The weight of it all, too much to bear,
I cry out in agony, but nobody’s there.
The darkness creeps in, consuming my soul,
I try to resist, but it takes its toll.
The pain, the misery, the isolation, the uncertainty,
They all merge together, a perfect symphony.
In this endless abyss, I search for a way out,
But the walls are closing in, there’s no doubt.
I fight to break free, to see the light,
But the chains hold me down, with all their might.
I scream, I shout, I try to escape,
But the pain, the misery, they’re all here to stay.
I’m lost in this world, trapped in this rhyme,
A never-ending cycle, a tragic design.

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