September 2021 Cut-Off: Programmers' Workarounds and More. Share Your Stories!

Greetings to the coding community!

For those of you who code in any language with features more recent than 2021, I’m eager to hear about your unique prompting methods. Are you crafting code using prompts to the AI with Browsing Plugins or with ChatGPT’s browsing capabilities? Share your experiences!

AI Prompting Updates and Community Insights

Is there a publicly available timeline from OpenAI (or else) detailing when the AI might receives current information updates? I’m keen to understand the community’s perspective on managing the cut-off limitations in edge cases and to gauge the general sentiment regarding this situation. I remember that for a short moment the ChatGPT 4.0 was aware of recent information and then stopped to be aware of anything…

Journey with ChatGPT Prompting and NextJS

My journey with ChatGPT-3.5/4.0 has been filled with frequent prompting sessions. With the integration of the latest version of NextJS 13.4 into my projects, I’m curious about your workflow. How do you seek coding assistance using prompts, reminiscent of the September 2021 era?

Tools of the Trade: Prompting with Plugins and Browsers

While adhering to best practices is commendable, I’m more intrigued by the tools you use for prompting. Which plugins top your list? And for those who remember the Browser, even if it’s no longer available, I’d appreciate insights into your prompting workflow.