Separating usage reporting and billing by project

Hi, I’m consulting as machine learning engineer to multiple clients. I’ve been exploring GPT-3 for a while for use on a project I’m working on for one client and pass GPT-3 costs transparently on to them as part of my R&D expenses.

I would now like to use GPT-3 in a project for another client also, but can’t seem to find a way to separate GPT-3 usage or billing on per-project basis.

Am I missing something? Is it possible at all to separate usage by API key, or to create another organisation associated with my account? Or is there another recommended way of going about this?


Thanks, appreciated.

Is it possible for organisations to register yet without significant and indefinite time on a waiting list? If so, that would definitely be first prize.

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Yes absolutely. Write to explaining the situation and we’ll find the appropriate solution!


Thanks, Boris, I’ll do that.