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Sentiment Analysis

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Overview :memo:

The Sentiment Analysis plugin is a powerful tool that allows users to perform in-depth sentiment analysis on any text leveraging large language models. Whether you need to understand customer feedback, analyze user comments, or explore the emotional tone of a text, this tool offers a range of functionalities to suit your needs. Explore below to find out how you can unleash the power of sentiment analysis with ease!

Features :pager:

:performing_arts: Analyze Sentiment and Feedback

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  • Deep Analysis: Dive into the sentiment of any text and gain detailed feedback.
  • State-of-the-Art Models: Utilize cutting-edge NLP models to derive accurate sentiment scores and rich contextual interpretations.

:mag: Get Sentiment Scores and Analytics

  • Complete Overview: Access all sentiment analysis results, including historical data, for a comprehensive view.
  • User-Specific Insights: Retrieve analysis results specific to individual users or contexts.

/analyze - we use this in our analysis

/feedback - we use this in our analysis

:x: Delete Sentiment

  • Organize Your Data: Easily manage and remove specific sentiment analysis results to keep your data organized and relevant.

:bar_chart: Score

/score - we use this in our analysis
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  • Quick Insights: Obtain the sentiment score of a given text to swiftly gauge its overall emotional tone.

How to Use :hammer_and_wrench:

Getting Started

  1. Install the Sentiment Analysis Tool.
  2. Use the following commands to interact with the tool.


Hereโ€™s a list of available commands to execute your sentiment analysis:

  • /analyze: Analyze the sentiment and receive comprehensive feedback.
  • /checkthis: An alias for /analyze.
  • /feedback: Another alias for /analyze.
  • /deletesentiment: Delete a specific sentiment analysis result.
  • /score: Quickly get the sentiment score of a given text.
  • /instructions: Need help? Retrieve instructions on API interaction.

:test_tube: Enhanced Use

  1. Prompt to generate Report or an Essay.
  2. View the generate Table feature when you want to consolidate your analysis session.
  3. Ask direct questions, โ€œPerform a sentiment analysis onโ€ฆโ€
  4. Social Influence.

In this example I run an analysis on my own Twitter Analytics. I want to know about my sentiment and analytics on sone posts. I use:

Generate an /analysis on this data

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A few words and some analytics and you can have feedback that speaks towards the semantics and meaning within words, your words.

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is this plugin active? some times i get white screen.