๐Ÿ”Œ [New Plugin] ChatGPT Hugging Face API Plugin: Manage Models, Access Datasets, and Perform NLP Tasks with Ease! (Open Source)

Hugging Face is a platform that provides a wide range of natural language processing (NLP) models, datasets, and tools. With the Hugging Face API plugin, you can seamlessly integrate the capabilities of the Hugging Face platform into ChatGPT. This plugin allows ChatGPT to interact with Hugging Face models, datasets, and spaces, enabling a variety of NLP tasks such as text classification, language translation, summarization, and more.


Use Cases

  • Model Information Retrieval: Use the plugin to retrieve information about specific models hosted on the Hugging Face platform.
  • Dataset Exploration: Access and explore the datasets hosted on Hugging Face.
  • Retrieve information: about specific datasets and their metadata.
  • Space Management: Create, access, and manage Hugging Face Spaces through natural language interactions with ChatGPT.
  • Model Deployment: Deploy your NLP models to Hugging Face and manage them using the plugin.

Benefits of the Hugging Face API Plugin

  • Manage Models and Datasets: The plugin allows you to manage your Hugging Face models and datasets through natural language interactions with ChatGPT. You can retrieve information about specific models, list datasets, and perform other management tasks.
  • Interact with Hugging Face Spaces: Hugging Face Spaces are interactive web applications that showcase models and datasets. The plugin enables you to create, access, and manage these spaces.
  • Convenient and Intuitive: The plugin provides a convenient and intuitive way to interact with the Hugging Face platform. Users can perform complex tasks using simple natural language commands.
  • Enhanced Capabilities: By integrating the Hugging Face platform into ChatGPT, you can enhance the language modelโ€™s capabilities, allowing users to leverage the vast collection of models and resources available on Hugging Face.

How to Use Examples

Example 1: Retrieve Information About a Model

User: Tell me about the GPT-Neo 2.7B model on Hugging Face.
ChatGPT: Sure, let me retrieve the information for you.
[Plugin: Hugging Face API]
  "repo_id": "EleutherAI/gpt-neo-2.7B"

Example 2: List Datasets with Filtering

User: Can you list the datasets on Hugging Face created by the author "huggingface" and related to text classification?
ChatGPT: Of course, let me fetch the list of datasets for you.
[Plugin: Hugging Face API]
  "author": "huggingface",
  "filter": "task_categories:text-classification"

Example 3: Create a New Space

User: I want to create a new space on Hugging Face called โ€œtest-spaceโ€ using Streamlit. It should be public.
ChatGPT: Sure, Iโ€™ll create the space for you.

[Plugin: Hugging Face API]
  "type": "space",
  "name": "test-space",
  "private": false,
  "sdk": "streamlit"

Example 4: Delete a Repository

User: I want to delete the space โ€œtest-space2โ€ on Hugging Face.
ChatGPT: Are you sure you want to delete the space โ€œtest-space2โ€? This action cannot be undone.
User: Yes, Iโ€™m sure.
ChatGPT: Alright, Iโ€™ll proceed with deleting the space.

[Plugin: Hugging Face API]
  "type": "space",
  "repo_id": "username/test-space2"

Lots of other things you can do!


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