Seeing "detected unusual activity from your system" error message when testing local plugin

I would ask GPT 4 what the error is, but it doesn’t work. Maybe some intern forgot that the unit tests should also pass.

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It’s most certainly an outage. However, the message error needs to be improved as it blames the user for no good reason.

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Yeah, GPT 4 model is trolling us

“Our systems have detected unusual activity from your system. Please try again later.”

Same problem here… I’m not overusing ChatGPT or using VPN or using any app that would be likely to access it… based on the frequency of posts coming through, it would seem this is more widespread issue at the moment.

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Same here, this is pathetic. I want to be refunded if I’m not able to use what I’m paying for.

I am getting this error message too.

Our systems have detected unusual activity from your system. Please try again later.

Just me posting another “me too.” It seems to be an outage affecting just GPT-4

Today, I learned GPT-4, despite its recent lobotomy, is still capable of gaslighting and victim blaming us.

So, there’s a blog about a recent update, so I’m guessing it’s a deployment hiccup.

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Well, I’m just glad I’m not alone. And if you look on the bright side, it magically brought us all together here tonight.


Same here. It seems everyone is getting the same message…Jesus Christ. We’ll have to wait…I gues…

Just another “same here” kind of funny that everyone is in this thread right now

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Whew, I am glad I am not the only one having this issue. Thought I might have done something wrong with the app I was creating.

Hahaha, you are so cute and have a bright way to see life, I like that!

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lol you’re right. This box won’t let me reply unless it’s 25 characters long…here we go again. I just wanted to say “lol”.

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funny thing is I have been using it since beta and still use API with no intention to upgrade to Plus but today I took the dive for Code Interpreter which after paying I find out I can’t even use and then I use the Bing Web plugin to ask it to create some data off research results and I too get this message.

So question is who has a link to the refund page haha. I’ll go back to API it’s literally 1/10 the price

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yea cause I mean, I’ve never been here before, and the way this thing updates in real time is kinda cool :smiley: and I must be in here with other ChatGPT superusers so

Outages happen, but man, I was in a middle of such a good story you guys.


Yeah the copy is totally misleading. Seems like it’s actually their system with the unusual activity

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