Security: IP egress range for vision API


Could you provide the egress IP range for vision API? such as provided in gpt-4o.

quoted existing issue:

Regarding the "gpt-4-vision-preview" model, we have discovered that when using this model, OpenAI's "OpenAI Image Downloader" crawler with the User-Agent "OpenAI Image Downloader" comes to fetch the images based on the URL.

We want to restrict access to the content of the publicly available images only to the "OpenAI Image Downloader". We tried searching for a list of IP egress addresses in the documentation but couldn't find it. Currently, we have only known

also I have read: but was not included in these.


OpenAI doesn’t have a vision IP range I can find. Just updated actions.

My log indicates or similar also ( .33 to .46), unchanged from that report from November. - - [23/May/2024:06:10:40 +0000] “GET /img1.png HTTP/1.0” 200 609 “-” “OpenAI Image Downloader”

I’ll move this to documentation as that sometimes gets posts noticed and some docs added.

Yeah, I’m aware of this documentation. I’m just saying OpenAI should publish egress ip range for vision API as well.