Searching Prompt Histories


Is there any way to search prompt history on ChatGPT? Because I have to click show more every time. Just, I want to find it fast.
Any extension or if there is already a built-in one, that is OK too.

Thanks in advance

I agree, this would be an excellent feature. I’d like to keep track of past prompt history in my own knowledgebase (Obsidian). This is a win-win for users and OpenAI, as the user does not repeat prompts and offloads storage locally to their desktop.

Is there a place to vote for Feature Requests?

I think Bardeen can provide a workaround for this issue. It’s a browser extension that allows you to scrape content easily. You could even extend the playbook workflow to capture and store the chat sessions to a sheet, or a database, or even a Google Doc.

Another approach might be Rewind; I think it snapshots everything you do for recall.