Searching Prompt Histories


Is there any way to search prompt history on ChatGPT? Because I have to click show more every time. Just, I want to find it fast.
Any extension or if there is already a built-in one, that is OK too.

Thanks in advance


I agree, this would be an excellent feature. I’d like to keep track of past prompt history in my own knowledgebase (Obsidian). This is a win-win for users and OpenAI, as the user does not repeat prompts and offloads storage locally to their desktop.

Is there a place to vote for Feature Requests?


I think Bardeen can provide a workaround for this issue. It’s a browser extension that allows you to scrape content easily. You could even extend the playbook workflow to capture and store the chat sessions to a sheet, or a database, or even a Google Doc.

Another approach might be Rewind; I think it snapshots everything you do for recall.

Try ChatGPT Keeper Chrome extension: ChatGPT Keeper - Chrome Web Store, I highly recommend it! With its smart search and ability to index all chat histories with just one click, it has made my chats much more organized and easy to find. Plus, the bookmark and import/export features are a game-changer. And the fact that it also supports voice chat is just amazing!

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This is a great idea. If there is there a place to vote for Feature Requests I’d be upvoting this one for sure.

Unfortunately ChatGPT Keeper doesn’t work for me on my Mac. @tinh1115 I don’t suppose you know if it could be a PC vs Mac issue?

I have both Mac & PC, it’s working fine in both as long as you on Chrome or Edge. I’m guessing you’re on Safari, which not yet supported.

I have identified the problem. OpenAI has released an update that modifies the URL from to However, my extension is only designed to request access to*, which no longer exists. As a result, the extension is not loading.

To address this issue, I have submitted an update to the Chrome/Edge store for version 2.3.2. This update should become available to all users within the next 3 to 4 days.

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Thanks buddy. Can you update this thread when its propagated the interwebs :slight_smile:

Hi. I created a nice and working extension to filter the history of chats by their names. You type a name, it shows the relevant chat. It has some limitations though. The extension is free. It’s not possible to share the links here, so you could dm me

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