Search for Conversations with ChatGPT

I think it would be really great if chatgpt had a way to search from previous conversations. sometimes I have to press more to find a previous conversation. i find this highly frustrating. A simple search would really help


Hi. Search for dilterbilter extension in Google Chrome webstore

The dilterbilter extension in Google Chrome webstore searches only the titles of the chat. If you want to search through all the conversations, the best way as of now is to download all the chats by clicking on Settings → Data Controls → Export which will send all the conversations as an html file to your email.

You can search and retrieve the conversations.

I can’t believe there isn’t a programmatic way to search your chat history via API. I really want to build an app that can search my hundreds of useful chats with ChatGPT, instead of batting my ⌘F/⌘G keys like some kind of Neanderthal.

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Just use the download data option in settings and then search the html file you get sent with a browser or load it into word.

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You say that like it’s a quick and convenient operation. It’s no less than 5 mouse clicks in the UI to initiate the data export. Then, you have to wait a few minutes for the email with the link containing your zipped data file to arrive. Another click to download that file, then another operation to unzip it. Then open a 14MB html file in your browser, and we are back to… whacking the ⌘F/⌘G keys again, just like we were before. How is this any better??

There needs to be a search function within the web UI, and an API that we can hit with specific query parameters such as date range, keywords, tags, chat titles, model used etc. I am sure ChatGPT could write this API itself if OpenAI would allow it.

The dilterbilter extension unfortunately doesn’t search through the questions and answers and it seems like it only searches through the topics/labels assigned to each conversation on the left panel. Not helpful.

That’s correct. The current version instantly filters the conversations by typing their names. It is also limited to the most recent 20 conversations.

I’m currently improving the functionality of dilterbilter. The first feature to improve is to remove the limit of 20 recent conversations. Then I will add the ability to search through the conversations.

Please support the development at:

And be the first who receives the updated version. If you are a software developer you could fork it on GitHub ane suggest changes

Dear OpenAI devs,

It is in your best interest to implement a search feature. Every time users download their chats to work locally, they can then delete those chats from search history, which deletes your training data. Do you want more training data? Then make it as easy as possible for users to create lots of chats and store them on platform you own. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope this is still relevant

There are at least two other options

  1. use mobile app, it has search feature
  2. use Searchable extension, difference is it searches the message contents too in free version