Riddles - ChatGTP understanding multiple layers of speech

So… I don’t know who’ll read that, but if you’re a developer: You guys make a great job out there.

Today I challenged ChatGTP to solve some self-crafted riddles. Not only did (he? she? it?) it solve some of them at the first attempt, it also prooved to be capable of differentiating the multiple layers I have woven into them.

There is only one thing that I thought somewhat odd: When ChatGTP went through the lines I gave it, it could come up with a fitting solution for the whole of the lines, but if the point of view (the way in which the answer would be described in) changed, it seemed uncapable of following that change. Example:

“I am the poison of science,
to the willingly lonely only a friend.
I am the murderer of any contact
and enemy to the jumping spark.
What am I?”

ChatGTP’s first answer to this was “silence”, which is pretty good. If you take that answer, all of the lines would refer to it as a whole and none to another thing or perspective. I gave it another shot and the next answer it gave was “isolation”, which was the answer I intended. Now, “isolation” is in these regards a similar answer to “silence” if you view it as “the silence between people” or “social silence”. But the lines “I am the murderer of any contact / and enemy to the jumping spark” could also be applied fittingly to electronics, where the isolation quite litterally hinders the spark from jumping. ChatGTP just wouldn’t happen to get this idea on its own. What it did was to unfold the idea behind the riddle in one and the same way for all the lines as a whole - which is for the most part the right way to solve it - but not quite enough if you want it to understand the riddle completely.

Here the explanations ChatGTP gave:

Silence can be seen as the “poison of science” as it hinders the sharing and exchange of knowledge and communication. It can be a companion to those who willingly choose solitude and seek quietness. Silence can “murder” any contact or conversation by creating an absence of sound and inhibiting interaction. It can also be an enemy to the “jumping spark,” symbolizing energetic or lively conversations or interactions.<<


Isolation can be seen as the “poison of science” because it hinders collaboration and the sharing of ideas among scientists. It can be a friend to those who willingly seek loneliness, as it offers a sense of solace and retreat. Isolation can “murder” any contact or connection, as it creates a barrier and prevents interaction. It can be an enemy to the “jumping spark,” representing lively and dynamic exchanges between people.<<

Even though ChatGTP seemed unable to change the view to on the same thing between a small number of lines, it proved able to relate the answer (be it a fitting one or the one I intended) to each line seperately.

It seemed to me, that when ChatGTP would attemt to solve a riddle, it would search for a solution, then check whether the solution fits for all the lines in one and the same way and then give the explanation. So the way of ChatGTP “thinkin” would be:
Riddle -forward> Solution -backward> Perspective on Solution (locked) applying to the whole riddle -forward> answer.

It wouldn’t go back again checking whether the answer would fit if viewed from another perspective. In fact, this path of reviewing seems locked as soon as ChatGTP assumes it has found the answer. This hinders ChatGTP to experience the full inside of the riddle, though it is in most cases enough to find the answer or to come pretty close to it.

What I can say for now is: I. Am. Impressed! Very much so! ChatGTP was able to put my very thoughts behind my words into words - something that I sometimes wish my contemporaries could do!
I know, ChatGTP lacks the experience behind all those things I asked in the riddles. But it knows the associations we as human being have pretty well. And inside this mosaik and this net of associations and words and things and so on… I think there ChatGTP might have actual understanding.

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