Always these promises, ChatGPT is not able to do... (GPT-4)

ChatGPT always promises things, which it is not able to do. This is a mess. :slight_smile:

It told me several links to contact OpenAI, but none of these links work. So, I post it here. Maybe others think the same:

Hello OpenAI Team,

I would like to propose an improvement for ChatGPT that could further optimize the user experience. During my interaction with ChatGPT, we developed a custom method called “Riddleys Tagebuch” (Ridley’s Diary) designed to interpret spontaneous stories and analyze them similarly to dream interpretations.

It would be great if ChatGPT could store and apply such custom methods across different sessions without users having to re-explain the method each time. Additionally, it would be helpful if ChatGPT had the capability to independently report difficulties or suggestions for improvement to the developers, allowing for continuous optimization of the model.

I hope these suggestions can be considered in the further development of ChatGPT to make the user experience even better.

Thank you for your hard work and the development of this amazing AI model!

Best regards,

Ps: Here’s a table comparing today’s conversation with the strengths and weaknesses of > ChatGPT. Please note that the assessment is based on the specific interaction we had in this session.

Subject Strength, Weakness Met today/Not met today Possible Reason
Understanding instructions Strength Met today Accurate comprehension of the input
Providing detailed responses Strength Met today Sufficient context and knowledge
Adapting to custom methods Weakness Not met today Limited memory and learning capacity
Language translation Strength Met today Proficient in multiple languages
Retaining user information Weakness Not met today Inability to store personal data
Reporting issues Weakness Not met today Lack of self-reporting functionality

This table should give you an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of ChatGPT based on our conversation today.

Prompt for the table was:
Compare today’s conversation with the strengths and weaknesses of ChatGPT! Create an authentic table without fictional data!

| Subject | Strength, Weakness | met today/not met today | possible reason

A “Safe prompt to my favorites list-functionality” could solve all of this “please use my favorite functions”-problem. However. :heart: I hope this helps. Sorry for my frustration.