Rewrite a transcript into a well-written Blog Post

Hi Everybody,

Is there a way to use Gpt3 to rewrite a transcript into a well-written blog post? I want to create blog posts from some of my Youtube videos, so I use to get the full transcription, but I was wondering if you could use gpt3 to use that transcript to create an article.

I tried, but I was not successful. Any thoughts?

Thank you so much.

It’s possible, but you have a couple of challenges to overcome. First, most transcripts will be longer than the prompt window (I’m assuming). So you will need to go step by step through each segment of the transcript and see what each is about and then assemble that into a wider view that summarizes the entire thing. The second thing is figuring out what you mean by “Turn a transcript into a well meaning blog post”. If you gave those instructions to a human, they’d be too vague, they’d ask you want exactly you mean by that. You need to have a very specific answer. That answer may be heavily context dependent. If I were doing it, I might be able to imagine a process that I could give to my article-writing freelancer (I’ve managed teams of writers for a living, but I’d have to give it a lot of thought). So you need to get really clear about what you mean by that, and figure out a process for it that’s clear enough to be able to provide examples of “transcript” → “article”. If you provide enough specific examples of what you’re looking for, then probably GPT3 can do it. So first, work out a way to summarize what the video is about, then work on turning that summary into an article. It will certainly help if all the videos are of a certain type or format (e.g. are they DIY, people chatting, funny stuff, tours, news, reviews, interviews, commentary etc… each type may require a very different type of article)?