Retrieve context from assistants api using the retrieve method call

I created an assistant using openAI’s assistants API. It works just fine and generates answers based on the files (knowledge base) I uploaded to it and associated the IDs of those files with the assistant when I created the assistant. What I want to get now is the context openAI’s assistant uses when I ask it to generate an answer. So I ask a question right now and the Assistant’s API returns an answer for me. What I want is to also get the context that the assistant used to generate the answer.

The reason I want to do this is to then use that context to benchmark the assistant I created using benchmarking tools like Ragas and Databricks. These benchmarking tools need to have a context to create the benchmarks for several metrics.

The reason I want to benchmark the assistant is to compare it to the assistant that I have created locally.

I have exactly the same problem, and the lack of replies does not bode well. Maybe the feature does not exists ? In that case we could use the same retriever as the assistant, on the same files, and get the context that was probably generated ?