Religious prompts


Has anyone done any experimenting with religious prompts?

I have asked the ai to write sermons about various Christian topics and even non Christian topics and it has done a good job of turning it into a religious themed sermon. I’ve also found a good way to get a bunch of question and answer responses is to ask the ai to write a catchecism on a topic like say pianos and it will ask a bunch of questions and answer them about pianos.

Lemme know if you have any interesting prompts themed about religion or your thoughts


What Religion can do for AI? Aug 23, 2021

How I use GPT3 & CODEX

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I wrote a prompt that would interpret Biblical symbols with supporting Bible verses. So it becomes easier to understand the prophetic books of Daniel and revelation.

Prompt: (stop seq: ###, inject start: [ret] Answer:)

Given a symbol or a type in the Bible explain its meaning.
Only use the King James or New King James Bible.

Symbol: beast
Answer: A nation/state that gives its loyalty or power to Satan and decides to follow him (Daniel 7:17, 7:23)

Symbol: Sea
Answer: Multitudes/peoples/nations (Daniel 7:2; Revelation 13:1; 15:2)

Symbol: Fruit or bearing fruit
Answer: Deeds and works, specifically those that are habitual (Luke 6:43-45; Matthew 12:33-35)

Answer: People (Revelation 17:15)


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