Regarding video URL, need help immediately

when i ask for video link to a particular topic. the links generated bz Gprt/4 either doesnot exist or it opens up something completelz irrelevant.
i had asked the gpt/4 to provide me with a link to understand insulin resistance in detail.However, the link it provided me opened a basketball tournament video.need help

Heya. Welcome to the forum.

I think you might be misunderstanding how current LLM technology works?

What prompt did you use?

I don’t quite understand what u mean by “what promp I use”.
But I had fed GPT with a PDF and on the command bar I had requested to explain the PDF and provide me with video illustrations of the same

ChatGPT can make mistakes. Check important info.

You’re talking about ChatGPT?

You give it an URL of a PDF and "I had requested to explain the PDF "…

What did you type in exactly? What’s in the PDF? Is it text or images?