Rate Limit Error in GPT4 on organization

Currently, I have one OpenAI key which me and my frined are using to develop an application. When, both of us are using OpenAI key at the same time then we are getting rate limit error. What can we do such that we can use OpenAI key at the same time. any help would be highly appreciated.

I researched about this on OpenAI help center but I didn’t find anything. Even there is team section & organization section on OpenAI page. If that is something useful then tell me how it is useful for me.

There are “prompt” limits. I do not know the exact number, I’ve seen 40 to 50 referenced in several other posts. You’re likely hitting your limit, if I am understanding your post correctly.

It is a big issue - especially given it costs money. The need for transparency is obvious.

If the account is using solely a free trial credit for API access, the rate limit of requests per minute will be quite low.

Also, some new models have low limits to place them in the usage category of “preview” and not “product”.

The correct place to check is settings → limits, with an answer at the bottom and a document link to follow at the top