Question About Web Browsing & File Upload - GPTs/Chat GPT-4 capability?

Hi. I am currently a free user but considering upgrading to GPT 4 for GPTs, file upload feature etc.

I plan on uploading a file, then using GPTs or Chat GPT-4 to try and browse the web, then use information on specific websites (not just Google results) to answer questions regarding a file, is this a possibility?

If anyone knows the answer i’d really appreciate it/or if it’s possible using another type of AI.

Yes, it’s certainly possible. I’ve done that myself. I recommend uploading.txt file over pdf when possible if the file contains questions, but yeah, it’s very capable.

Just explicitly tell it to research when answering questions, because it doesn’t always default to browsing. It can go to specific sites, or you can say “Hey, answer the questions in the attached file. Make sure the sources you use are authoritative. And then output the questions with the answers as a txt file”. If you give good clear instructions, you get amazing results. I found that actually having a brief conversation with it by asking “You understand what I want you to do?” really helps.

Hmm I see! thank you for your help. I’ll defo give this a try. Still on the waitlist for GPT-4 so hopefully they’ll allow more users soon.