Assistants API - prices on details

I need contact , I want know exact price for use this tools, step by step… I need detail of price using model gtp-4-1106-preview

The API operates in a pay-as-you-go basis. How much you will spend is entirely up to you.

As a rough measure, 1000 tokens is approximately 750 words.
If using gpt-4-1106-preview, it costs $0.01 to send 1000 tokens.
If the model then responds with 1000 tokens (you can set a response limit) that costs an additional $0.03.

In total that interaction would cost $0.04.

Here is the official pricing on the OpenAI website.
Pricing (

Here is some additional info from the API Documentation.
Text generation - OpenAI API

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And if I was to add my own files for the assistant to learn from and reply based on that data, can you explain how the pricing would work for that please?