Pulling out viral segments from a video transcript

Hey everyone…

Does anyone have any ideas how best to approach this use case?

Given a video transcript provided by whisper, how might you form a prompt to find the best bits (most amusing, dramatic etc etc)

I’ve tried and had mixed success, the issue I’m now running into to related to the length of the input transcript…

There are approach for video transcript
First identify the key phrase, impact statement
Pay attention to humor, unique insight.
Use timestamps in the transcript to locate corresponding video
Explore video editing tool
Consider the audience perspective
Test and refine the selection based on feedback

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I think this is an interesting idea, and you can definitely do some rough sorting using AI.

@bazzz71 can you define what makes a segment of a transcript something that would go viral?

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So what I’ve gone for is somehtign that has an perceived emotional sentiment. Here is an example of the output: > instagram @clipral