Create a complete course from a simple slide show

Hello everyone,

While I was studying exciting courses, I was mainly thinking about a way to learn the courses more easily, quickly and from anywhere in the world.

So I came up with an idea that I think is huge and could, in all humility, be useful to students all over the world.

Maybe my idea already exists, in which case I’m interested. If not, I will develop my idea below:

I think we have all had slideshows of courses that are difficult to understand on our own (especially if we didn’t go to class) and without doing extensive research on our own.
So how to get from a simple slide show with some pictures, diagrams and brief explanations more or less detailed, a synthetic course with a clear explanation that we would only have to understand?

That’s why I wanted to create a website where you could upload a course slideshow. By using the service of an already existing AI or by creating an image recognition AI, the AI would be able to know what field of study it would be (law, humanities, medicine, economics, etc.).
In addition, the AI would use the images contained in the slideshows and the text to get more context on the course and the ideas developed.
Using this contextual information, the AI could then “Explain” or “Write” a course with more details based on its acquired knowledge contained in its database.

This would allow any student, whether they attended the course or not, to have a detailed explanatory lecture simply by uploading their slideshow.

If anyone is interested in this project, I invite them to come and talk to me via private message or comment (I don’t know how itworks here haha …).

I hope to have caught your attention.

PS: It’s the first time I use the forum, I’m not even an English speaker.
So please excuse me for my written English.
I also apologize if my post is not in the right place (in this case I will ask you to redirect me).