Prompts not sending to ChatGPT

I am unable to communicate with ChatGPT on my desktop computer. If i ask it any slightly difficult question, the prompt will not show up in the conversation and chatgpt doesnt respond. This is not the case on my phone. if i ask a question on my phone and refresh my computer, the answer is there. its only if i try to ask from my computer it doesnt work… i am paying $20 a month

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same here. restarted my browser, cleared cookies, relogged-in, nothing. i send a prompt and thats it. its just loading. it never sends the prompt.

i rely on chatgpt for my work with brainstorming and basic questions, so this is extremely frustrating.

i suspect its the automatic switch to gpt4 is the cause. gpt4 is about 400% slower than 3.5. for some retarded reason, it always switches to gpt4 automatically. there is no setting to keep it on 3.5 indefinitely.

im tired of this man…openai is trash

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