Prompts for high school maths

I am trying to find prompts to solve high school maths. Let’s take first degree equation prompt:

Please check following first degree equation resolution and tell me if any of its the steps is correct or wrong. 2x+4=2 => 2x= 6 => x= 3.

The following models ALL return wrong results: gpt3.5-turbo, text-davinci-003, text-davinci-002.

However ChatGPT is consistently correct. My question: how to use API to achieve the same results as ChatGPT. I checked the ChatGPT calls I saw that it is using model text-davinci-002-render-sha that we don’t have access to.

use text-davinci-003 for that. Its more powerful and designed for that. It has ability to reason. Chatgpt uses davinci 003 for all of its chat completions. For cheapness u can use gpt 3 turbo… Work as same as text davinci 003