Mathematics equation or symbol writing

Please how can we type maths equation in making request in CHAT

Maybe try to use Wikipedia formatting and see if it works (go into edit mode and look how it’s formatted). Or any well known formatting schemes for Math equations…

But…! GPT3 is NOT GOOD at math! It can’t do math. It just repeats what it has been told, like a parrot, if you will.
For instance, if you ask it “What’s 1+1?”, it probably has read that over and over in it’s dataset and KNOWS it’s 2. However, if you ask a unique math question that it has never seen it, it will MOST LIKELY get it wrong.

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Thank you for the recommendation

I find that ChatGPT can do math if you ask ChatGPT to emulate a simple calculator first and prompt ChatGPT as a language model.

See for example:

Many say that ChatGPT cannot do math, but I find ChatGPT does math “OK” as long as we ask it to emulate a calculator beforehand and prompt ChatGPT like a language model versus “just a calculator”.

Note: ChatGPT is getting better at math with the 30 Jan 2023 upgrade:

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Yes absolutely correct.Many times I requested to equip her with scientific calculators.