Prompting Breebs for my GPTs powered by OpenAI

Greetings to all,

I’ve recently delved into the world of Breebs and have been actively experimenting to integrate them as compact knowledge capsules for my GPTs. Today, I had the pleasure of receiving correspondence from Nicolas at [contact@promptbreeders]. I believe sharing the contents here will immensely benefit those who, like myself, have been ardently working to maximize Breebs based on outdated information about their functionalities. Here’s the essence of the message:

Hello Vitalie,
Thanks for your email, and sorry about the issue you encountered while creating a new Breeb.
Indeed, we are facing some issues with the Breeb creation process in the current version of Breebs, and the error messages are not clear.
I will ask someone in my team to create it today using another process and come back to you.
However, on top of the 100Mo limit, we have another technical hard limit concerning the total number of characters within all files, around 6 million (probably less when documents are not written using the Latin charset, which is your case).
It’s something we are working on, but unfortunately, it won’t be solved for a few weeks.
To give you an order of magnitude, 6 million characters correspond roughly to Shakespeare’s complete work, or the Bible (Old and New Testament). Or a more or less 6Mo PDF if the PDF only contains text.
Having a look at the content of your Google Drive [link], I have the feeling this limit will be vastly exceeded.
Would it make sense for you to craft a new Google Drive folder, selecting only the most relevant documents (PDF format)? Of course, we will inform you later on when the 6 million character issue is resolved.
Kind regards,