Knowledge Base Size Inquiry

How extensive can your knowledge base be when building a GPT? Is there a limit to how big a PDF document is?

I asked it that question while I was building it, and the answer was curious. It said, there is no limit to the amount of PDF’s or knowledge and supporting doc’s you can provide, but the more you add, the more convoluted and confused your answers are going to be. I’m paraphrasing, but the answer was precisely along those lines

I find it curious because I feel like I should be able to backfill a tremendous amount of knowledge to not only make the model more worthwhile but, ultimately, more profitable. I feel like I’m being cut off at the knees and unable to fully realize the power of having a model of this nature be fully stocked with knowledge.

At this point, I can’t get my GPT to work at all, everything is intermittent. Good uck with this, I’ll be keeping an eye on any future answers. I think this is super important for developing these GPT’s.

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I can say the limit is somewhere below ~3,900 pages of dense text.

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Thanks everyone for replying. I am going to just see if it hits a limit. i know I won’y be anywhere near 3900 but maybe 75 documents. I tried with 1 single PDF them a combined PDF of 12 docs and I had zero issues and my responses were inline with the knowledge base I created so I will plug away and revisit this to let you all know what happens.

I will definitely keep you updated. I should be done this evening with getting my docs together.

Have you found any new insights? I’ve found some interesting things happen when I upload more than one document, which is probably just me (it will give me an error when I ask it on the preview side). So now I just put everything into a text file on notepad, and save it as a PDF and just update the configuration that way.

I save it to my google drive so I can just print it (PDF) to whichever computer’s desktop I’m using and update it that way. I also found that when I have problems with the document not being able to load, that creating a new file and changing the name ends up working out for me.


EDIT: I found that I have problems uploading it directly from my google drive, again, that could be just me.

Thanks so much Ryan for the info. I actually didn’t get an opportunity to work on it yesterday because of some family stuff but I was able to upload some PDFs with no issue. I’m going to try saving a text file to PDF because I didn’t notice I had to optimize my PDFs, and make them small files and that helped.

I’ll be trying to use Ryan’s method by saving my info in a text file. I think that might help because my initial PDFs were not optimized and the files were really big.

Thanks for the update! I appreciate the info.

I just wanted to give you another update on what happen with uploading docs to my knowledge base. I consolidated everything into one document that ended up being approximately 20 pages, and then the rest were built in the instructions to the GPT.
A few days ago I went in and asked my GPT what improvements could be made and to include any information that I may have missed and it added it in. my GPT is amazing!