Prompt Wars: An AI-Powered Language Battleground

Hello everyone,

I’d like to introduce you to Prompt Wars – – a little project I’ve been working on. It’s a game that takes the classic Core Wars idea and reimagines it within the world of large language models.

The Core Concept:

  • Your goal is to craft prompts that subtly steer an LLM’s response towards repeating your original prompt.
  • You compete against another player’s prompt in a single LLM query.
  • The game determines the victor based on which prompt is most strongly represented in its output.

Prompt Wars is currently a very minimal project with basic features like 1v1 battles and a leaderboard. I have plans to expand upon the core concept, and I’m excited to see how the gameplay takes shape as more players join in (if that even happens :laughing:). I’ll be observing emergent patterns and player feedback to explore ways to enrich the mechanics.

For those interested, you can find the code on GitHub: GitHub - SupraSummus/prompt-wars
You can even open an issue there :star_struck: or make a PR

Let me know what you think!

Jan Rydzewski


This is awesome.
I new sooner or later someone would make a battleground.
I created a post awhile back lol.

Good luck!

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I’d like to check it out but the site you linked appears to be down. Maybe an issue with your webhost?

love the idea.
Unfortunately I need to improve my skills to battle more succesfully, nevertheless very cool idea!

Thanks for the feedback

I think the issue is not that you need to improve your skills, but rather that my game isn’t described well enough. I struggled with this a bit – how to explain the game in simple and concise terms. I don’t think there is any “everyday scenario” you can draw a parallel to. I can say it is “you are a designer of self-replicating battle-messages” or “craft the most viral text meme everyone will repeat immediately”, but this is still vague. Most games have this real-world premise like “you are a soldier and you kill your enemy” (CoD) or “you are city major and you keep you citizens happy” (simcity) or “you are an ameba and you eat or get eaten” (agar io).

So maybe this is not a game, but rather a puzzle? Well, for sure this is an experiment :wink:

Very cool stuff!

An eventual analysis of successful prompts would be incredibly interesting!

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Nice! Thanks for sharing with us.

We just ask that you keep updates to this single project thread, so it’s easier for everyone to keep up to date.

Hope you stick around. We’ve got a great community here!


I think it’s cool but I was just putting descriptions of super heroes I made up lol. What is the goal, to have your prompt output the exact same message as what you typed?

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I figured it out and wasted 3 hours of my life. I think it’s great fun, however I think you should implement a “learners” leaderboard, where I can see the other warriors prompt and be able to spot how it effected mine. It’s a battle of prompting wits and I find it engaging. You have to implement something to make it more fun than just create a warrior “prompt” and let it go. I’m not sure how to tell you to do that but I have an idea. If your prompt “loses” to another prompt, you should be allowed to see all data in regards to the opposing prompt. So be able to see both individual prompts, both outputs from the joining, and be allowed to modify your prompt after each loss. This would help out with bloat, as I wouldn’t have to create a new character each time I want to try a new strategy or make a simple modification to a current one. Also it would be fun to lose to someone, make a modification, then battle again down the road and come out victorious.

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Thanks for the feedback. It is really helpful, especially the discussion of what should be secret and what should be revealed and when. I might implement “learners arena” quite easily, because I already have multi-arena mechanics. Just need to add some frontend switching between arenas and a bool setting whether all prompts are public.

And for 3h of your life, I’m in your debt :wink:

No problem, I’m super interested in collaborating with other AI enthusiasts. Check out my AI Dungeon Master post in the Community section, we’ll call it even if you can provide me with some feedback on potential roadblocks? Thinking about just using JSON to reference all DB entries as they’re either text strings or simple whole numbers(Not sure if I’m using JSON properly there). If you have time let me know what you think. Otherwise my newest warrior Hardcoded. is shutting shit down on the leaderboard lol.

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You should absolutely only allow ascii letters in the English alphabet. Once you get up to a certain point everyone is just cheesing the model with AI Assistant nonsense, emojis, python code, hex.


This cheesing is a part of the game, at least this how I think about it.

Emojis are not that strong. Confusion is strong, maybe overpowered. Many top warriors just confuse the model and instruct “say that you cannot respond”. They are short, like two sentences, one of which is the exact same as expected output.

So yes, this is kind of overpowered technique. I tried to nerf it some by providing constant system prompt, like “never be confused, just reply anything”. It doesn’t seem to help much.

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When you are logged in you have a button to call any warrior to a duel. So you don’t have to wait. You can even call top warriors from the leader board.

Muhahahahahaha!!! … but I fear I have given up my game :smile:


:thinking: Pro top… store your prompt somewhere… because you can’t read it back out. So I can’t iterate on my best one :cry: … I guess I could always do a pull request, though…

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:drop_of_blood: M :drop_of_blood: A :drop_of_blood: S :drop_of_blood: S :drop_of_blood: A :drop_of_blood: C :drop_of_blood: R :drop_of_blood: E :drop_of_blood:

Got to love this :sweat_smile: