Playing the inner game of AI

hello frens,

You may already be playing the inner game of AI without noticing it. I’m keen on upping my game and looking for teammates interested in the same.

I’m an action researcher in the AI for good field and created the table below, as a first step in the direction of helping us become better not only prompt engineering but also prompt crafting, represented by the left quadrants.

I’m curious about what you think of it. Your comments, questions, and suggestions for improvements would be much appreciated.

If you’d say something about what it could take to make it really useful for you, then I could take your feedback into account when I develop an updated, interactive version.

All this is part of my research on the inner game of AI. See my convo about it with the OpenAI Playground:

If you are curious about its broader context, look up my article here

If you want to explore further any of the above, post a reply below. If you also consider joining the research team, please DM me.

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