Prompt Completion

Hey guys, I have built a simple app and have what seems like a simple problem to solve but I can’t figure it out.

My issue is:

I have a prompt template set up “Write an in-depth blog post on the topic of: * “

the star* = a variable.

If I make the variable* = Tennis

The response often comes back like this:

“ and It’s health benefits

Then begins to write in the topic …”

So it’s beginning the response with completing the prompt with Tennis and it’s health benefits…

Probably a silly question, but can’t I just get the response without the title prompt completion?

Add a period “.” at the end of the keyword then add two line breaks “\n\n” at the end of the prompt…

Should help!


Thanks so much that seems to have done the trick! Before If I had a prompt like this it would start the result with assuming the end of the prompt… now it just cuts to the result directly. Perfect! Thank you @PaulBellow

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Good to hear! Didn’t realize it was for a live app! Haha.

Best of luck!

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Thanks @PaulBellow yes I started seeing some obscure results and wasnt sure why it was happening… though now I know. Thanks for the quick fix :slight_smile:

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