Problems with Knowledge retrieval for meal recipes

I am using the assistant to create a meal plan assistant to create different cuisine meals. But If I upload certain files with different cuisines but the assistant doesn’t use those cuisine to create meal. Now I am wondering Do I need to invoke assistant in system prompt to make use of the files I thought by default after uploading the file it can use the knowledge. So can anyone clear this confusion or used the knowledge retrieval it will be very helpful.

From what I’ve seen, it uses the same Embedding technology to fetch “relevant” pieces from your text while trying to answer your question, however I have observed that it sometimes just doesn’t fetch the right things or any at all and just hallucinates on it’s own - the same issue I had while Embedding “manually” before OpenAI had this feature. At least manually I could adjust scoring and other things, while with this feature you can’t really do much.

Embeddings are far from perfect. Consider manually loading Embeddings for more granular control or simply including crucial informations inside the prompt itself.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong.